Best Sunscreen for Dry Skin

With so many sunscreen varieties sprouting like mushrooms on most market today, finding the ideal one for your skin type is now somewhat more difficult rather than easy. And if your skin is dry as a desert, choosing the best sunscreen for dry skin is very important so you can keep your face nourished, free from flakes and of course, protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

However, as you have already probably experienced, some sunscreens may result to particularly opposite effect, some even lead to major irritation. So to limit your uncomfortable experiences, I’ve listed down below the best sunscreen that is recommended for your skin type.

If you want to know what made it to my list, then please keep on reading below.

What To Look for in a Sunscreen for Dry Skin?

Isn’t it annoying when your skin gets dry and feeling stretchy? Dry skin can be troublesome, especially during winters! So here are some tips on how to choose a sunscreen that will not only protect you but as well as moisturize your skin.

  1. Moisturizing content. For your dry skin, you will need a sunscreen that can effectively hydrate it and help you retain that moisture. Ingredients you should look out for are silicones, hyaluronic acid, lanolin and naturally extracted oils.
  2. Gentleness. Of course, we don’t want our skin to suffer from an allergic reaction or get irritated. So to avoid dealing with these issues, make sure your choice of sunscreen does not contain parabens, alcohol, and parabens.

Best Sunscreen for Dry Skin

DeVita Solar Body Block 30 with Shea Block


The first time you will use DeVita Solar Body Block 30 with Shea Block, you will notice how light it feels in your skin, but you should not underestimate its moisturizing power. This is actually packed with Hyaluronic acid that works best for hydration, as Japanese green tea that is known to soothe dry skin and other vitamins and essential oils such as chamomile and lavender that will help you repair and nourish your dry skin. This physical sunscreen promise to deliver balanced broad-spectrum protection through its 14% zinc oxide.

I also like the texture of this sunscreen. It feels so pleasant even if it is not fairly as cosmetic as we already used to, it even take slightly longer to rub in, but this does not stop the product for being an amazing sunscreen and moisturizer. In fact, your skin will quickly absorb this product and will result in a beautiful matte finish. You won’t look greasy or oily at all! This makes the product one of the best sunscreen you can wear under your make up.

If you haven’t heard of DeVita yet, they are actually a popular ‘green’ company who makes sure that the formula of their product is not only safe for the consumers but as well as the environment. As a result, their sunscreens are full of natural ingredients and is free from gluten, GMOs, paraben, nanoparticles and even added fragrance. So DeVita Solar Body Block 30 with Shea Block is a 100% vegan product that is not only gentle enough for the day-to-day use of people with the driest skin but is also cruelty-free and reef-safe. 

There’s no doubt why this product has made it on top of my list. Anyway, you can purchase this sunscreen on a 7-oz bottle which I think is a great size as compared to other available sunscreens. This makes the product the best value for your money! But if you don’t think you can commit to this large bottle, it is also available in a smaller size of 2.5-oz version, which is also great since you can give a product a try and come back for more later on.


  • The active ingredient used were highly concentrated
  • Packed with hydrating ingredients
  • This is a vegan-friendly product


  • Its texture is less cosmetic

Glo Skin Beauty Therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40 Sunscreen


Glo Skin Beauty Therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40 Sunscreen is one of the most moisturizing sunscreens available in the market, so this sounds like a good news to anyone with dry skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which is really beneficial since it can hold water 1000 times its weight. Moreover, it can help you fight free radical damage that is caused by external factors. 

Another remarkable feature of this sunscreen is its Panthenol (D-) content which main role is to stabilize the moisture content of your skin and increases the ability of your skin to take in oxygen as well as regulate your production of sebum. But this doesn’t end here, this sunscreen also contains Vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant that can stimulate your skin’s immune system and even shields your skin from the adverse effects of oxidative stress. In addition to this, this sunscreen also contains high levels of antioxidants so you can be sure that your skin will get the nourishment it needs while you are out in the sun.

What’s even great is that Glo Skin Beauty Therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40 Sunscreen will not only provide broad-spectrum protection, it will also not cause any breakouts, it is very lightweight too and it won’t leave a white cast on your skin when applied.

The only downside of this sunscreen is that this is not water-resistant. You will really feel your skin burning the moment you begin to sweat. So if you’re hitting the beach, you might want to bring a water-resistant sunscreen as a backup.


  • The formula is ideal for those with sensitive skin
  • It is a great moisturizer
  • Its pump bottle is so convenient


  • It is not water-resistant
  • You might find the scent to be strange

Anthelios 60 Body and Face Sunscreen SPF 60 by La Roche-Posay


There are a lot of reasons why this melt-in sunscreen made it to this list. First of all, let’s talk about how this product feels so velvety in your skin, all thanks to its moisturizing contents. With this sunscreen, you can now enjoy supple and soft skin but above all, you will no longer need to worry that your skin might dry out. Also, since this product can be absorbed by skin quickly, it won’t turn you to a huge grease ball.

If you are someone who burns easily, you will love the fact that this cream features an SPF of 60. You can also use this sunscreen both on your body and face, so there’s no need to bring another product to your body. This product is also water resistant for up to 80 minutes. I must say that this sunscreen is an excellent choice for anyone who loves spending long periods outdoors or frequently hit the beach, especially during summer.

But that doesn’t end here! This sunscreen also offers advanced protection such as the capability of fighting free radicals that is the main cause for the signs of early aging to show. 


  • It moisturizes the skin well
  • Can be absorbed quickly by the skin
  • Water-resistant up to 80 minutes
  • It features advanced protection


  • This will not be ideal for those with sensitive skin

Suntegrity “5 in 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen


This “5 in 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen by Suntegrity is another amazing sunscreen that promise to deliver broad-spectrum protection through its remarkable, highly concentrated active ingredient zinc oxide (20%).  But what impressed me most is how this sunscreen delivers a cosmetic feel that most sunscreen with a lot of zinc oxide can’t do. 

If you love vegan products, you will be glad to know that both Leaping Bunny and PETA has certified this sunscreen as cruelty-free. This product is filled with both organic and natural ingredients that are ethically sourced from the environment. These ingredients include a natural extract of coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera, green tea extract and sunflower seed oil. Isn’t this list of natural ingredients impressive enough? How much more if you get to know a couple of its purposes?

For instance, we can be guaranteed that this sunscreen will not cause tingling, burning or itching, making it an ideal product for anyone with sensitive skin; this sunscreen is even recommended to those with rosacea. But most of all, we can be sure that combining these ingredients together will efficiently hydrate and even rejuvenate your skin that has already been damaged due to prolonged dryness. Thanks to its antioxidants contents, it can help you calm and soothe your skin.

These are just two out of the five features that Suntegrity promises to deliver with this product. This natural moisturizing face sunscreen is intended to treat damaged skin, keep you hydrated, protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and other elements as well as to serve as a primer and skin tint. Though I don’t think it works great as a replacement to your foundation as the product promised, I must say it works efficiently as a base to other cosmetics. 

It is also quite impressive that it ranges in different tints that will suit every skin tones like medium, golden light, light and fair. I think the only downside to this product is that this is way more expensive than the other product in this list. But if you love all the features it promises to deliver and don’t want to spend a lot, I suggest you just this sunscreen exclusively for your face and use another sunscreen on the economical side for the rest of your body. This will make sure that each purchase of this sunscreen will last as long as possible.


  • Comes in four choices of tint
  • The active ingredient used is highly concentrated
  • Perfect to be used with cosmetics


  • It is an expensive product

PCA SKIN Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30


PCA SKIN Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum contains sodium hyaluronate which is an important ingredient you should look for in a moisturizing sunscreen. This ingredient has the ability to hold on to the considerable quantity of moisture and will keep the skin hydrated.

But there are more reasons to love this sunscreen. For instance, it contains zinc oxide that can provide the skin broad-spectrum of protection as well as several other components that work as a backup in deflecting the harmful rays of the sun. With all these remarkable ingredients, we can now have peace of mind knowing our skin has been taken care of and is protected enough. Plus, this product does not contain any harmful ingredients like dyes or fragrances; it will work perfectly for those with delicate skin.

However, this sunscreen is non water-resistant so there’s may be a need to reapply it frequently, particularly when you begin to sweat a lot. Overall, this sunscreen is one of the best products, even better if you’re on the hunt for a sunscreen that will help you prevent any signs of early aging.


  • Comes in a broad spectrum of protection
  • Capable of protecting your skin against free radicals
  • Works well in keeping your skin hydrated


  • This is not a water-resistant sunscreen

Final Thought

So there you have it, I hope this list of sunscreens will help you choose the one that will help you soothe and calm your dry skin and of course, protect it at the same time. When choosing a product, you have to remember that everyone’s skin is different and you will need to test a few products first before you will find the one that will work best for you; DeVita Solar Body Block 30 with Shea Block can be a good product, to begin with since it is packed with moisturizing ingredients.

Anyway, if think there’s a product that I missed to mention on my list, please let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section below. I promise to research the product and consider it adding to this review.